Welcome to the world


The world became a better place Saturday night. My niece arrived and there are a few things I would like to tell her in a note she can read many years from now.

Welcome to our family Allie Drew Young, and welcome to this world. You came into this world in what must be a confusing place, a hospital in the middle of a pandemic. Newly instituted hospital regulations kept me from being there, but trust me, I was there in heart.

I’m betting the first faces you saw had peculiar masks on their faces. Don’t worry, most faces look better than that, but it’s hard to imagine they can possibly be prettier than the one your mom quickly sent to family over social media.

The faces behind those masks are those of heroes. They are risking their own health to protect the well being of others. They are the soldiers on the front line of this war.

You come into the world at a maddening time for Americans, where people we elected to represent us are tied in political gridlock trying to come up with a plan to help us. In a world where technology allows us to instantly talk to people around the world, our politicians can’t come up with a plan to remotely vote if a medical condition prevents them from being at the capital. Maybe you, or a classmate in the high school class of 2038, will come up with a better plan.

Take it from someone who knows, my young loved one, the technology that greets you will change many times before you realize its benefit. In my lifetime, we have moved from manual typewriters to devices we can type from in the palm of our hand. These same devices, which we call smart phones, replaced dialing apparatuses now seen only in museums.

Another reality Allie, you come into a world with many more good people than bad. There are people out here who are wastes of good air, but there are many more with giant hearts, who want to help people. As you take your first breaths, these people are coming to the aid of their neighbors.

They are proving what my former boss, Daily Record Managing Editor Emily Weaver, wrote about yesterday, that, “We haven’t always had it easy but our country wasn’t founded on giving up.”

As your great-grandparents did during the Great Depression, we, too, will get past this bump in the road to preserve this great nation for you and your friends. As your namesake, your Gdad’s generation did during the awful 1960s, we will survive and prosper.

You came onto this earth in a period you will read about in your history books. I would normally be heading to my classroom about this time, but those classes are closed by the coronavirus. Your uncle and aunt will head to unemployment lines after their business was shuttered by a lack of customers. Others fear the same fate if things don’t change soon.

So, Allie, it seems grim out here in the real world, but don’t worry, my young love, like I did with your sister, I will be out here to protect you. Things are much better than they now seem to be. You are just beginning a great ride.

Tom Woerner is a former reporter with The Daily Record and editor of the Harnett County News. He can be reached at woernertmw@yahoo.com.


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